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About Us

Introducing Azure

Azure offers both effective and proven formulas alongside the latest skin care trends and innovations. Based in NYC, our team strives to bring you luxury products with ingredient transparency and honest pricing.

Our Story 

After many years of experience in the beauty industry, our team decided to tackle an issue that always bothered us  – the best skincare brands are prohibitively and needlessly expensive, making them only accessible to a very small portion of the population.

It became our mission to bring the finest products in exceptional packaging to everyone. Using our experience and contacts in Korea, the USA and other leading markets, we were able to reconstruct the manufacturing process in order to bring you the best in Beauty. We use the same factories as many top luxury brands, but leave behind the markup, delivering luxury skincare at fair prices.

Our Mission

We believe everyone should feel confident in their skin, and have access to premium and effective products. Azure products are Natural, Vegan, hypoallergenic, free of parabens, phthalates, harmful ingredients and animal testing.

Azure means serenity, clarity, bliss and cloudless blue skies, and we aim to make you feel this way everyday. We want every part of personal care to be beautiful, from the quality of the formulas, to the packaging they come in, and how they make you look and feel.

Skincare that’s Natural, Luxurious and Effective.