About Us

The word Azure brings to mind images of beauty, bliss and paradise. With this innovative collection of premium beauty products, we strive to bring you products that make you feel and look this way. 

Through years of building brands and testing new beauty concepts, we have learned how to apply the most suitable elements of international Beauty trends to what people here at home want and need.

Key Ingredients and Formulations: 

Our products consist of the most in demand key ingredients and trends like 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Charcoal, Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Hemp Seed, Resveratrol, Rose, Unicorn and others - with added fun features like holographics, shimmer, glitter, gold flakes and visible key ingredient particles mixed into the formulations. 

Core growth Beauty categories:

We have selected the top growth but still budding Beauty product areas including Facial sheet Masks, Peels, Muds, Oil Serums, Under Eye Pads, Nose  Strips, Facial Wipes, Eye Serums, Facial Mists and more. Our international team keeps a constant pulse on the new hottest trends coming out of Korea and elsewhere - and bring these innovations to you FAST.


Bringing our customers premium quality, high end, top trending products at incredible value pricing is our priority. Experience luxurious, effective treatments without breaking the bank. 

Our Team: 

Our team is made up of highly experienced Beauty industry professionals on the ground in both the US and Asia, enabling us to select the best in Beauty the world has to offer, while understanding what North American consumers want and need most. The Azure founder was a founding member of the 'Yes To' personal care brand, as well as other established brands, so beauty's in our blood - and skin...